Our client has worked with Creaseys Accountants for a number of years and describes them as high quality and professional. It was this existing relationship that led to an interest in the long-term, evidence based investment approach of Creaseys Wealth.

In the run up to retirement it became apparent to our client that they would need to get a grip on their investments and this led to an initial meeting with Relationship Manager, Ben Waite.

“The team listened to our goals and aspirations”

“I was really impressed from the start. Ben and the team listened to our goals and aspirations and put them into a financial context – it gave us the peace of mind that we were being looked after and that we had a robust financial plan behind us.”

A really important part of the process was finding out the clients’ ‘number’ – this is the amount of money they would need to live their desired life in retirement. The couple wanted to ensure they would be well looked after in their older years (and be able to afford a good care home, should they need it).

“Off the back of my meetings with Ben I have planned my retirement for later this year and look forward to enjoying time with my family. We want to travel and help our children financially – whilst we’re around to see them enjoy it!”

“They are switched on, well connected and pay attention to detail”

Ben works closely with Creaseys Accountants to ensure our client receives an all-encompassing service without the stress of trying to communicate with different people about being tax efficient.

“The entire team at Creaseys Wealth are switched on and well connected. They pay attention to detail and take a measured approach to financial planning that is aligned with my approach to taking risk.”

“I found the fact that Ben is younger than me really appealing. He will, I hope, outlive me and I know he  and his team will support my partner in taking care of the financials. Ben can adapt his approach when he is speaking with my partner who doesn’t have a financial background – he is good at making things easy to understand.”