Tristan has had a long-standing relationship with Creaseys Accountants which stems from a business connection.

“Creaseys are local and very competent. It felt like they were tuned in to our ways of working and what we wanted from our relationship with professional advisers.”

“On a personal level I started to receive personal tax advice and the team were extremely helpful through a difficult time in my life. They supported me on a human level but at the heart was very good professional advice.”

Tristan was soon introduced to Ben of Creaseys Wealth and, following a meeting with Tristan and his wife, Judy, became clients.

“I completely agree with the philosophy Creaseys Wealth adopt and if I had the time, it is what I would do myself when it comes to money – the key points Ben made were wholly in line with our thinking.”

Something Tristan finds ideal about the two relationships is the seamless integration between tax and financial advice…

“The delivery is great. Ben and his team develop a financial model for us so we can see how different scenarios could impact on our financial situation – this is really revealing. Being able to look forward gives us confidence, and the investment philosophy is the right one for us.”

Something that remains crucial to Tristan is the knowledge that his wife, Judy, would be able to get good advice if something should happen to him.

“I know Judy would be able to turn to Ben as someone she trusts and could rely on. She would receive good, honest, professional advice delivered clearly, and this is extremely important to me.”

The forward planning is very beneficial for Tristan and Judy: they felt confident to give the go ahead to different projects they had been considering based on the cash flow modelling Creaseys Wealth built for them.

“Because of the way our finances are modelled we’re able to decide which projects we can do, the main one being our recent garden renovation! We have also enjoyed a brilliant wedding anniversary party and it feels great to be able to sit down and agree to do these things with confidence.”

“Finally, we find that the team at Creaseys work well together, and always deal with questions promptly.”