Creaseys Wealth clients, Tara & Graham worked with Creaseys Accountants for a number of years before being introduced to the team, who support them with their finances.

“Unlike Graham I’ve got no head for figures and don’t know the first thing about spreadsheets and graphs. I’m a words person and felt quite scared as Graham has always been business focused and I haven’t.

“The team were lovely. They asked about our different levels of understanding so they could pitch it at the perfect level for us – this made me feel very comfortable.”

The process we use to get to know clients is designed to be tailored to them as individuals, making it personable and easy to understand.

“They have a very down to earth way of working with us. The presentation styles and graphics break down our information into real things that we can see, feel and understand. Everything is centred around our aspirations and goals – it’s not a blanket approach for everyone.

“Our biggest aspiration is to move to the seaside in Dorset. It wasn’t until we worked with the team at Creaseys that we realised we could definitely make that happen. They showed us visually how we can achieve that goal and we’ve been able to play with the numbers to see what we would happen under different scenarios – all the possible variables are covered.”

Creaseys Wealth has worked with Tara & Graham throughout the coronavirus pandemic – something no one envisaged happening…

“We didn’t have any plans to change our financial situation, but the team supported us quickly when the pandemic affected stock markets in 2020. We didn’t have to ask, they anticipated our feelings and reminded us not to panic.

“We have considerable trust in Creaseys which is further improved by the personal relationships we’ve built. We feel looked after and have no problem contacting them with questions – they’ll respond almost immediately so it’s great knowing they’re there for us and they’re so approachable.

“There are no negatives. We’ve worked with other advisers in the past who talk the financial game and had lots of papers, but the way the guys approach everything is simple, there’s no name dropping. We understand everything, it’s presented beautifully, they’re really nice people and they do what they say they’re going to do.”